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I will rip out your nails one by one and break your jaw. I will make you regret everything you have ever done. I will make you taste your blood and fully fathom fear. I will destroy you.

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carry me down the street- the front bottoms 
this line gets stuck in my head all the time frick
This is Tylers girlfriend...


As I’m sure some of you that are on facebook know, Tyler had passed away Sunday around 8:40pm.
He was put in an induced coma because he wasnt getting enough oxygen to his lungs and he had a serious bacterial infection. He had to be on life support because the lack of air getting to his lungs….

May you rest in peace man, you were an amazing person with an incredibly positive outlook, regardless of your situation. I never met you, but I can honestly say that I really care about you, and I hope you’re doing great, wherever you are. Thank you for just being around for me to talk to, even if it wasn’t about much of anything at all. Best wishes to you and everyone in your life.

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welcome home
by matialonsor


shift it

We made a friend today. He is camel. #HumpDay #besties #camel #wow #idontevenunderstand #poppunk #girlswithtattoos #tacobell #yes

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